Friday, October 9, 2009

My Craving for my Love....

Your Touch.....

Your touch could only be described at magical. No matter where you put your fingers on me it could always make me shiver with need and anticipation. From a gentle stroke across my cheek to a pleasurable rub down my body. Every time you touched me, sparks flowed like electricity through my blood and made my heart sing. When you love a man, I mean really deeply love a man to the very depth of your soul, there is something so different about the way he touches you that mere words can not describe the feeling. Just being near you makes all my senses come alive. Yet your touch could enhance the senses tenfold. When your hand reaches out for me, I can't stop my body from instinctively leaning in, drawn to your touch as if it is the only way I can truly be complete. One of my favourite touches would be when you slide your hand around the back of my neck under my hair to bring me near to you. Or the way you would pull me close with your arms around me and stroke your fingers lightly down my back to cup my ass, pulling my pelvis forward pressing against you in testimony of shared arousal.

Your lips are full and passionately hot. Surrounded by neatly trimmed beard as added weapons to tempt and tease me. Warm, full and extremely sensual lips that could travel over my body and elicit responses I never knew I was capable of feeling. When your mouth engulfs me with one of your kisses, you know the type, tongue dueling, deep, shattering kisses that leave my knees weak, my heart beating fiercely and my chest out of breath type of kisses, I knew I had only just begun to tread the path to ecstasy. Your knowledge of my body and the way it responds always served you well. Tearing down my defences with a kiss, your lips then would start to travel to all the places you knew were my most sensitive. Your tongue would stroke around my ears and down my neck, then little nibbles that made me quiver. My hands would grip our shoulders wanting to hold you right there, yet also wanting to push you to the places of my body ached with need.

Like an artist brush on canvas your mouth would brush across my skin leaving trails of warmth in its wake. Across my collar bone, down my cleavage to first one nipple and then the other. One thing I always found strangely exciting was when you would take the side of your beard and rub it across each one of my nipples. It was the most fantastically unique feeling and I would inevitably arch towards you wanting more and more. You are an intelligent man, but more so you were considerate and always most considerate of my pleasure. Therefore you would spend quite a bit of time using your wonderful mouth to bring me to the height of pleasure many more times than I thought I was capable of. Your lips burned like fire down my skin bringing my nipples to rock hard buds, moving down to my navel to let your tongue tease around, then move lower to the thatch of my pubis to nuzzle and nip until I was ready to scream and beg for more.

Your eyes were one of the things that made our encounters so special. When you love a man as much as I love you, it’s important to feel and see the passion shared. When you look at me, the look in your eyes made me feel as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world. When you look in my eyes I could see the desire there. When you look at my breast, you never noticed the sag, you only saw them respond to your attention and I could tell, you were pleased to see them harden when your tongue flicked the very tips of them. When you spread my legs and my womanhood bear witness to my arousal, the look in your eyes was one of sheer delight at being able to produce such a reaction from my body. You always liked to watch my face to see which of your ministrations elicited the most intense response. You would position yourself between my legs and watch my face as you let your tongue stroke up and down each side of my labia. The blue in your eyes would darken when I reached the point that my hips were bucking up to your face, then you would close your eyes, bury your face in me and let your tongue work up and down on my clit till wave after wave of orgasmic bliss would wash over you, and you would not let up until my legs were shaking and I was too sensitive to take anymore. Then you would slide up my body, pulling me close to yours with this triumphant little gleam in your eyes that promised more pleasure to come.

Your body seemed to be designed to fit me perfectly. Not so tall I had to strain my neck, but just the right height that my head cradled against your shoulder when you held me. Your hips were just wide enough that I could comfortably wrap my legs around or straddle you when I wanted on top. Your phallic proportions seemed measured to order. I loved the thickness of your member. There is no feeling more powerful than to have my lips wrapped around your shaft and feel you getting harder and harder inside my mouth until my lips were stretched as wide as they could go.I love to run my tongue around the tip tasting your delicious flavour then part my lips and let your shaft slide down my throat as far as it could. It was so stimulating to feel you quiver when my tongue stroked the back of your hardness then suck from base to tip and feel you pulse and swell even larger. When you get so hard I could no longer get my mouth around you, I would crawl up your body, placing my legs on each side of your hips and impale myself on you. Slowly easing myself on your magic wand, letting it stretch me open. I have never felt such wonderful fullness in my entire life. I lean forward and start to ease my hips up and down on you in a slow short rhythm. You put your hands on my hips and start to guide me. Incredible heat seems to pulsate from my core and rise up my body making my nipples even harder. Soon I am rising higher and slamming down on your rigid magic wand so hard I grasp my breast with both hands to keep them from bouncing painfully with each thrust.

I fall forward onto your chest as I start to orgasm, my legs clamping in on your hips to keep me steady as the burst of pleasure rocks me back and forth, over and over I spasm around You. Your control is phenomenal and your strength amazing as you roll us over as one body, never coming out of me, smoothly keeping a slight in and out movement to maintain the pleasure. You kiss me deeply still maintaining slow measures stroke, nibbling my lips and delving in my mouth. I hungrily return your kisses as I can already feel the need building inside me again. I wrap my legs around your hips urging you deeper inside me. Understanding my body language you rise higher to make longer deeper strokes knowing how wonderful it feels for me to feel each awesome inch of you slide as deep as you can thrust into my slick canal. Experienced intimate knowledge of each others body has us perfectly in sync with each other. I can feel you swell; you can feel me clinch around you, both of us building to a passionate crescendo. As if it’s a perfectly choreographed dance we slide apart, I roll over and onto my knees, barely missing a stroke you slide into me again. I bend till my shoulders touch the bed and thrust my hips back to you. Soon we are savagely pounding each other, your magic wand slamming against my g-spot. I don't even realize I scream out your name as the most intense orgasm I have ever had burns like fire through my body. When my pussy clamps tight around your magic wand you can hold back no longer and starts to spasm inside me, pouring forth your molten love juice to mingle with the flow gushing from me. My love for this man intensifies the orgasm to indescribable proportions.

Your arms are strong and confident as you roll me over to my side and pull my body up as close to you as you possibly can. It seems as if every inch of me is touching you, engulfed in your warmth and comforted by your presence. Hearts beating rapidly and both of us gasping for breath. Long moments pass as breathing returns to normal, then softer still drifting off to sleep savouring the pleasure mutually share.

These are just the memories and this is all that I can remember because …… You left me craving…..Craving for your Love, for your Touch….

"Love You always with all my Heart and Soul"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Missing You Desperately My Love!!!!!!!!

Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell?
Why can't I write when I have so much in mind?
Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart?
Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air?

Too many words left unspoken
Too many things left undone
Why can't it be and why can't I?
For all I know this pain deep inside
Took the gladness from my heart.

Is this the pain of missing you?
Is this the reason behind it all?

Hear the agony of my heart
Longing for you and for your touch
Feeling your lips, feeling your face
Missing your kisses and warm embrace.
When will the waiting ever be over?
For as long as were apart I can never be whole

Oh! My Dearest Love
I just want you to know

That my heart is aching because


Since its been a long long time that I haven't posted anything new, you must be finding it strange to find a new post from me. But, all of a sudden, I felt this immense urge to confess how good it feels to love you and how great all the affection that surrounds us is, even when you’re not right there by my side.

You know, loving you and being loved by you is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life. With you I feel happy and strong.I feel free, I feel safe to make decisions, take directions, knowing that I’m only doing what’s best for us both. I always miss you terribly, but it’s a sweet feeling, a quite feeling, that’ll go away as soon as I see the shine in your eyes and that clear white smile on your face.

If I could ask for a wish right now, I would askto never be far from you because missing you is a terrible feeling and the noble and wonderful feeling of love is just translated into absence and sadness.

Having you near, feeling the soft tone of your voice in my ear, looking into your eyes, your skin and your lips touching mine – those are the things that make me feel truly happy. And what makes me the saddest is not having your near, not feeling the warmth of your arms and the comfort of your shoulder, not feeling the joyful sound of the door opening to let you in, not feeling the thrilling touch of your hands in my hair and the glow of your presence wherever you are.

If I could ask for a wish right now, I would ask for us never to be apart because when you are near, all my other wishes immediately come true! Having you close by is all I need to be happy!

So, my love, come back soon and promise me you will never make me go through such suffering again, because missing someone who is absent is the saddest feeling of all…I really had to write this today because I can´t stop thinking about you, even if I try my hardest not to.

Much as I know there isn´t much you can do against an ocean of distance between us, you still don´t seem to leave my thoughts.

You are my most constant memory; you are the consolidate passion in my heart, in my body and in every inch of my skin.
Now and forever, all I wish is to feel your head on my shoulder even after when the unmerciful signs of time decide to take away that light in your eyes and the strength of your body. You, my love,

will always have the loveliest and most beautiful heart and I will always see in your smile the silver lining

of my dreams.

I can see my body lying smoothly beside yours. I can see all of me, offering all to you. I'm kissing you, touching your face. Your eyes are intense, studying me with need. I could tell you more, but I'd rather, tell you with my eyes when next we meet. Until then, I'll let these thoughts whisper my desire in your ears. I can see my body lying smoothly beside yours. I can see all of me, offering all to you. I'm kissing you, touching your face. Your eyes are intense, studying me with need.

I could tell you more, but I'd rather, tell you with my eyes when next we meet. Until then, I'll let these thoughts whisper my desire in your ears.

I have a secret which in you I must confide; when we're together, lightning sizzles deep inside. I need only hear your voice to feel the heat of your fire, and I'm lost to dreams of you, overcome by desire. I love the way that only you can make me feel. You stir a passion in me that roars like thunder's peal. I long for you so, that I can barely get through the day. Even come the night, this tempest never fades away. I can't wait to give you some loving you'll never forget, thunder and lightning like you've never experienced yet.

This time I craved for you and your body like never before. I wanted to feel you body and wanted you to shower all your kisses on me so that I don't feel incomplete,but you again left me craving......I still long for your touch and my body desperately needs your touch and your fingers running down my body....

Love you always from the deepest core of my Heart..........