Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pain Of Missing Your Love

This is kindaa strange tht out of no whr I suddenly startd blogging n I m loving it. Here I come again with a very special post all dedicated to the love of my life. Just to let him know tht I m missing him badly. Just to let him know that I crave for him day in day out, its not only You honey who craves for me but me too..

Although you're so many miles from meI just want you to know I could never forget you... Sent my love to you straight from the heart I feel you so near though we're so far apart....
Tears like rain falling from my eyes, as we said our goodbye .....,I could feel my heart break, Only emptiness filled my soul....I was half not whole, But I pray you'll come back, coz I love you.......And I want you to know I'm thinking of you........Every hour of the day.


Telling you that I miss is not something new because you already know I miss you all the time. But, today I missed in such a special way that I get embarrassed just talking about it!I don’t know what you’ll be thinking of me after I confess “how” I missed you… You know, all of a sudden, in the middle of my work, I started thinking about a whole bunch of nonsense? No, not nonsense… but it wasn’t exactly the kind of thoughts you should be having in the middle of your work or your classes… I longed to see you, to have you… to have you kiss the tip of my ear and then, I’d offer you my neck, my shoulders and my arms for you to kiss ten, twenty, a thousand times until you got tired!We both know what happens when we start doing this, don’t we? Well, of thought of it all – the beginning, middle…and end! My love, please don’t make me blush when we meet again, but I miss your breath, the smell of your mouth and of your skin, your strong hands pulling me closer to your body and (just listen to this!) your rush to get rid of my underwear!

The single thought of you, gives me this sudden urge to be with you and to enjoy the sweetness of your soft skin and your exhilarating odors. I mean, the smell of your breath, the smell of the sweat under your arm pits and the exciting aromas harbored between your thighs. But just the thoughts of you are not good enough. I want you with me as soon as possible, so that we can repeat the eternal ritual of bathing me with your tongue and rediscover every single one of those fragrances. I want you to repeat that delicious route of kissing me, starting with the back of my neck, only to stop at the precise moment when I hold your head, keeping you from reaching your knees.I want to be with you and celebrate your presence with simple caresses; the kind of caresses that would go unnoticed if they were done in the middle of the street, in broad day light, but gain a different meaning and dimension when they are done by the candle light or in the semi-darkness of the bedroom. I want to be with you now and forever. My soul was caught by your affection and your body lightens up mine. I want to smell all the pours of your skin, as if you were a garden in bloom and my lips had taken the shape of a hummingbird. My darling, loved and adored one, I miss you so much. In your body, I want to sense the smell of nature, like the force and the energy you can sense in the woods after summer rain.

I want you at all times. Sometimes I wish I could have you glued to me, well kept in my body like a tattoo or a piercing. I would like to feel you very close to my skin, making my hair stand on end at every hours of the day, as if I could feel the warm breeze of the sea. I want you more and more.I love to feel you inside of me; I love to feel your virile member slashing my skin, like burning iron teasing my desire.

I imagine you on top of me, making me moan with pleasure with your vigorous and precise movements. I love to feel the dense and warm liquid of your pleasure run inside my body. I love to feel that you are my male, protector and master of my body. A vigorous man but at the same time, a defenseless little boy, relying on my arms and the warmth of my thighs. I love in when you fall asleep in my arms, resting your head on my shoulder for countless minutes, after having irrigated my flesh with your abundant semen.

I like the taste of your saliva when you kiss my mouth and I like the warmth of your breath when you kiss me between the tights… (Ah, you know very well where I love to be kissed!). I love your kisses more and more, your cuddles and your strength. And I’m writing to you to tell you

I Miss You tooo Much..

I Love You Soo Much..