Monday, November 17, 2008

Sealed with a Kiss

I never knew much about what love meant. I would watch those I know fall for some guy and be swept off their feet, all loved up and happy. I would see them on their phones texting away with a smile permanently stuck to their face. I then use to hear everything about that guy they are so in love with, even what he ate for breakfast! I guess people “in love” do that sort of thing; share useless information that is irrelevant! However, when your “in love” that's what happens!

You tell your friends the same story over and over about how you and your new lover were once a forbidden item; that no one could know how you felt about each other. You'd pick the petals off flowers anticipating whether the last petal you pick will be “he loves me”. You'll sit and day-dream on possibly your future with this person; when and how you want to marry them; how many kids you want and generally how your family life with them will be like. You write secret coded messages to them with love hearts acting as a boarder. Basically, when it came to that special person in your life, everything you do is for them.

I eventually found love all the way from Kanpur....We actually started off friends and to be honest I don't think either of us believed we would end up in love. It all started with witty comments and interesting conversation. He would tell me how his day was and what he was up to and I would be actually interested to know. After a few months I got this feeling of excitement when we spoke and I would always find myself smiling at the very thought of him. We would speak daily and with each day we found out more and more about each other. I wanted to know everything about him, yes even what he ate for breakfast! His daily life became a valuable contribution to my own life. Eventually we admitted to the eachother (not sure what order!) that we liked each other. It was not till later on in our relationship that he told me he loved me.

The meaning of love for me has very much changed since this wonderful guy came into my life. Yes he came and swept me off my feet; yes I smile permanently when I call or text him; yes I tell my friends useless stories that some of the time I only understand!; I have also picked the petals off a flower hoping I hear at the very last petal, “he loves me”; I also have day-dreamed my life with him. But I found that there is much more to love than what is obvious to everyone else. I would drop anything for him; I would do little things for him, whether he noticed or not; whenever I look at him and I see him smile it makes me literally melt ( I know not literally since I would be a pool of water but the feeling of melting is what I mean!). He is love; to me that is what I know love to be. Love is an entity that you can touch and feel, something there to hold you and take care of you and someone to just be there – he is that entity.
Love is not the same thing to everyone; it comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Its how you see, feel and touch love that gives you its meaning; no one can describe it to you; only someone special enough can make you feel it; however it comes to you. One thing is for certain you'll know love when it hits you.

I have been in a relation with this guy from past 4 1/2 years and its been a fantastic journey till now, a journey to memorized lifelong with Him..coz Hez my lifepartner..When he kisses me, he makes me feel that "Darling, U are beautiful n I love you more than anything in this whole wide world"...For a kiss to be really good, you want it to mean something. You want it to be with someone you can't get out of your head, so that when your lips finally touch you feel it everywhere. A kiss so hot and so deep you never want to come up for air...That's what it exactly feels when its all about me n him...

I lay my head down, On my pillow every night. I keep thinking to myself, Everything seems so right. It's like, every time I'm with you, You make something seem so real.I hope you know by now,How I really feel.
I keep all my focus on you, And block out every other thought. I thought you were someone different,But you proved to me you're not.I thought someone like you could only be real in my dreams. I'm so happy I found you, It's so perfect, as it seems. You're like an angel sent from heaven, A wish that has come true. I never thought I could feel this way, Not until the day I met you! When we talk, a warm feeling stirs inside. I don’t know what to call it....But it feels so good.If only I could touch you, like your voice touches me. I feel like I’ve known you, and you’ve known me.I can’t wait ‘till we are together, so we both can see.I think of you often.But can touch you only in my dreams. Close your eyes. Feel the warmth of my hand as
I softly touch your face.Feel the heat of my breath, as I rest my head on your chest.If only it were real ...And you were there when I awoke. Do you feel the heat? I really need to know.Somehow, from so far away I think you’ve touched my soul!!!!!

Let’s make out let’s do something amazing, let’s do something that’s all the way
Coz I’ve never touched somebody, like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go. I watched you touch me all night and it felt like the first time we'd made love together....But it wasn't. You've touched me with your fingers, your tongue, the soles of your feet,Passion so sweet when your r un rough hands down my belly to the river that flows Only for You.
You are the man who'll touch me tomorrow......But it won't be the same as today......

Every morning, night, day has a rythm that's created by the look we exchange before we peel our clothes.......And lie wherever it takes us. You are my passion but more Another side of me in flesh.......My lover, my king , my man

My lover, my king , my Man...